14 March 2021

New Release - Improvising by Emma Fischer + Terrie Hessels

Improvising book cover

Release date April 2021.

The story of a one-year journey around Africa, by Emma Fischer and Terrie Hessels. 120 pages, some 200 photos.

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17 April 2020

New Release - Herim Kuda by Brader Mûsikî

Herim Kuda cover

CD release date 13 April 2020.

Herim Kuda release page
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12 February 2020

New Release - The Swim by Kaja Draksler + Terrie Ex

28 August 2019

New Release - Abflug by 3Musketiere

Abflug cover

CD release date 6 September 2019.

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10 May 2019

New Release - Scaffolding by Ken Vandermark + Terrie Ex

25 November 2018

New Release - Billow by Lena Hessels

Billow cover

CD / 12″EP release date November 2018.

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28 November 2017

New Release - Thirsty Ears by Jaap Blonk + Terrie Ex

Thirsty Ears cover

CD / LP. Release date 26 January 2018.

PRESENTATION PARTY: De Ruimte, Amsterdam, February 22nd!

  • Jaap Blonk - voice, electronics
  • Terrie Ex - electric guitar, harmonium

Jaap Blonk is a Dutch avant-garde composer and soundpoet. Blonk is primarily self-taught both as a sound artist and as a visual/stage performer. One of his early influences was Kurt Schwitters, whose Ursonate he first heard in 1979; he memorized the entire work, and it became one of the cornerstones of his repertory; he has recited portions of the piece hundreds of times in various public places. His performances of sound poetry are unique and word renowned, making use of words and phonetic snippets as well as clicks, hisses, and other vocal manipulations.

He hooked up with The Ex guitarist Terrie, in 2006 and they did several gigs after that. In 2012 The Ex brought Jaap Blonk over to Ethiopia for a special soundpoetry project. The combination is an adventure in improvising sound and poetry; electronics, guitar and vocals.

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26 November 2016

Getatchew Mekuria (1935 - 2016)

Birabiro cover

Getatchew passed away on April 4, 2016 at the age of 81 after a musical career of more than 68 years. As a final tribute The Ex has published this photobook. 168 pages. Four sections of pictures; a selection from Getatchew's private album with historical photos and photos by three very different international photographers — Andy Moor, guitarist in The Ex, Matias Corral and Nick Helderman who came on tour in Europe, America and to Addis Abeba — to document this unique collaboration between Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Guests.

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25 November 2016

New Release - Birabiro by Fendika

Birabiro cover

CD release date 25 November 2016.
LP release date 20 January 2016.

Birabiro release page
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5 September 2016

New Release - Shifting Sands by Ab Baars + Terrie Ex

Shifting Sands cover

CD / LP. Release date 7 October 2016.

“A 16-year recording hiatus, but finally the unusual pair of Ab Baars and Terrie Ex are together again in the studio. Terrie, wicked grin, tilting his head like a dog hearing an instruction to back off, jumping straight out a favourite children’s book, The Menace from Wormer. And Ab, stepping right out of Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age. Nothing if not a gentleman: impeccably dressed, soft-spoken, well-mannered. An unlikely match if ever there was one. And yet...” (Guy Peters, 2016)

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