Scaffolding cover
  • Ken Vandermark - tenor saxophone, clarinet
  • Terrie Ex - guitar

Ken Vandermark (US) and Terrie Hessels (NL) have been playing together for years. For example, the Chicago reed player has been a guest with The Ex almost 100 times and the two are also part of Lean Left, an explosive improvising quartet with Andy Moor and Paal Nilssen-Love. It took them until 2014 before they went on stage for the first time as a duo. A dozen concerts followed on various international stages and now they present their first duo album, Scaffolding.

“...Terrie was already bouncing towards Vandermark with a drumstick and too much energy that he needed to get rid of urgently. It was only a matter of seconds before the two gave their all, in that strange combination of seemingly incompatible tactics that somehow fit together. The rhythmic accents of Vandermark were razor-sharp and turbulent, and were executed with the same crackling energy that Hessels treated the strings with. The interaction was jumpy, constantly on the move, with a strong dash of humour (especially by an unleashed Hessels, who treated his guitar and the stage with a hammer!), but also an instinctive one; interaction that, despite enormous freedom, also led to a set that was as short as it was consistent.” Guy Peters, September 2018


  • 01. Fixed Length Pelican
  • 02. New Paper
  • 03. Paid By The Kilometer
  • 04. Attic Group
  • 05. All The Numbers Across A Danish Car
  • 06. Second Hand Diary
  • 07. Instant Extant
  • 08. Herring
  • 09. Another Good Idea
  • 10. This Is Not Han’s Pipe
Ken Vandermark + Terrie Ex Ken Vandermark + Terrie Ex

Recorded at Kamer 3, Witte Villa, Wormer, by Lena Hessels, 2-3 December 2017.

Mixed and mastered at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, by Alex Inglizian, 28 August 2018.

All music by Ken Vandermark and Terrie Hessels.

Artwork and design by Emma Fischer.

Photos by Geert Vandepoele.

Terp Improv Series IS-30

Ken Vandermark + Terrie Ex


CD / LP. May 2019.

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LP €16 from Ex Mailorder