Shifting Sands cover
  • Ab Baars - tenorsax, soprano sax, clarinet, shakuhachi
  • Terrie Ex - guitar

About Face

“A 16-year recording hiatus, but finally the unusual pair of Ab Baars and Terrie Ex are together again in the studio. Terrie, wicked grin, tilting his head like a dog hearing an instruction to back off, jumping straight out a favourite children’s book, The Menace from Wormer. And Ab, stepping right out of Fitzgerald’s Jazz Age. Nothing if not a gentleman: impeccably dressed, soft-spoken, well-mannered. An unlikely match if ever there was one. And yet...” (Guy Peters, 2016)


  • 01. Do up? (6:17)
  • 02. Hern and haw (3:39)
  • 03. Blow hot and cold (5:03)
  • 04. Bottom out (5:56)
  • 05. Yo-yo (3:29)
  • 06. About-face (4:39)
  • 07. Flip-flop (2:54)
  • 08. Transmogrify (3:59)
  • 09. Waffle (3:53)
  • 10. Zij toch raar? (5:09)
Ab Baars Terrie Ex

Recorded by Kasper Frenkel at Electric Monkey, Amsterdam. September 17, 2015.

Mixed and mastered by Arnold de Boer.

Artwork + layout by Emma Fischer.

Photos by Werner Krepper (Terrie) and Willy Schuyten (Ab).

Liner notes by Guy Peters.

Terp Improv Series IS-26

Ab Baars + Terrie Ex

Shifting Sands

CD / LP. October 2016.

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