Rozemarie Heggen + Terrie Ex - Fiets
  • Rozemarie Heggen - double bass
  • Terrie Ex - guitar

Tewolde (excerpt)

Two musicians from very different musical backgrounds. Terrie as electric guitarist of The Ex and improviser, and Rozemarie, double bassist, as a performer of contemporary music and improviser. After a shared experience in the Ex Orkest, a further cooperation seemed clear and resulted in this CD.

Openness, intuition, intensity, joy are a few of the basic elements which made the special connection that have taken them both to a different level of music-making. Exploring new territory can definitely be heard in their playing. The eleven improvisations on "Fiets" are little stories, experiences you might have while doing a very Dutch thing; making a ride on your bicycle (fiets).

Have a good listen!...


  • 01. Dauw
  • 02. Langs De Vaart
  • 03. Spaak
  • 04. Een Barre Tocht
  • 05. Vlieg In M'n Oog
  • 06. Kluffie
  • 07. Tewolde
  • 08. De Duvelkes Habbe Kilmes
  • 09. De Kokerboom
  • 10. Rijp
  • 11. Wind Mee
Rozemarie Heggen + Terrie Ex

Total playing time 69:46

Improvisations recorded August 24, 2002 at Studio Jottem in Wormerveer, Holland, by Dolf. Engineer: Maarten. Mixed and mastered in October at Loud, Amsterdam by Zlaya, Dolf, Terrie and Rozemarie.

Terp Improv Series IS-05

Rozemarie Heggen + Terrie Ex


CD. 2002.

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